Sunday, September 30, 2007

A night With El Cerdo, A night to remember....

*To all my Muslim friends, I'm sorry but today's menu is non-halal, it's full of khinzir....*

To my Spanish speaking friends out there, sorry about the 'title', it wasn't anything kinky, I didn't spend a night with the pig [El Cerdo, which means “the pig” in Spanish]. hehe......

We drove all the way to the city to tryout El Cerdo -a warm and cosy Spanish restaurant because we've heard too many great reviews of this place. Besides the great pig-o-delicious dishes which I'm about to share with you, I would like to give two thumbs up, and toes too to their waiter and waitresses who's always there to help you to decide what to eat. The ambiance was romantically..............priceless!

The German waiter was assisting us in making our decisions and we're glad we obeyed ;). Actually, we did not even read the menu because we just couldn't decide, everything sounds delicious! Well, of course we reminded him we don't really fancy the E,N,T [Ears, Nose & Tail] or any waste or reproductive system of a pig!

Here goes...

La sopa...
[The soup]

Cream of Potato and Bacon. [with compliments from El Cerdo]

L'abeille says "Wow wee...just a sip brings me to 7th heaven*

El aperitivo
[The Appetizers]

Iberico de Jabugo The Spanish Platter

(Cana de Lomo Cebo, Jamon, Morcilla de Ano, Chorizo Extra, Salachichon Extra)
Served with sweet Chili, Olives and Goat Cheese

L'abeille says: "Please, my dear Spanish friends, please tell me Morcilla is NOT pig's blood! Errk....."

[Smoked Kasler Ham with freshly made pasta and topper up with creamy fungi sauce]

L'abeille says: "Yummy! by the time the 3rd dish arrives at our table, guess I was already on cloud nine and I completely lost my sense of judgment...the pasta was so smooth, I thought it was cheese" *hehehhe*

The Mains

Marinated Pork Shoulder Steak
[Marinated for 48 hours with the Finest Paprika, Herbs, Onions, Garlic and Mild Dijon Mustard]

L'abeille: "Don't ever leave this place without trying out this main course"

Paella Valenciana
[Spanish National Rice Dish With Seafood & Chicken & Chorizo Sausage & Pork]

L'abeille: "4 large prawns and plenty of medium sized ones.. it's so fresh crunchy..It was Truly LOVE AT FIRST BITE"

As for Digestive or "After meal drink"

[A delectable Digestive consists of `Spirit, Wine and Juices’ with compliments from Elcerdo too!]

L'abeille says: "Hic..hic..!"

As for dessert..

It's the same old mistake I did over and over again at a restaurant.. "I didn't leave any room for dessert, I was supposed to try out the WINE JELLY...." grrrr...

So, L'abeille filled up the lucky draw form to be submitted to the Piggy Club President and went home a happy oinker!

X-T: Dearie, did you enjoy your dinner tonight?
L'abeille: Oink..oink..

As per Hor ny's
Here's the damage..


Sue said...

Wow..looks real good girl!! Paella is one of my favourite dishes..mmm..hungry now..

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Must be a very nice night! How much actually for all this piggy dishes! Look yummy but very very expensive! Have a nice day!

L'abeille said...

Hi Sue,

Yeah, the food that night was just heavenly and the ambiance was so so so romantic..hehe

L'abeille said...

Hi Hor ny,

Ya lor, very very nice food!

Ok, I will update the price list now..

Helen said...

COnsidering you're happy with the dishes, the damage is not as much

I do need to commend you on your adventurous streak when trying out new food. I'm such a bore. I always stick to the same food ...

Hopefully, your adventurous streak will rub off on me..... and I can now try new stuffs! lol

L'abeille said...

Helen: Not because you're such a bore when it comes to food, it's because there's not many fancy restaurant in Ipoh. When I growing up as a kid in Ipoh, all i eat was Chicken rice and mommy's cooking. Eh, come to KL more often lar... we go cari makan together gether ok?

Michelle said...

For a minute, I thought the jalopenos is a frog! I LOVE SPANISH food. yummy

L'abeille said...


Wah've a pretty good imagination eh? ;)