Saturday, September 15, 2007

PROPHIX Budgeting

The key reason why companies failed to perform was mainly due to ill planning in budget allocation within the organization. You might be selling the best product or service in the world but without a complex system to guide you in managing the finances, you might lose out in the marketplace.

Prophix has come up with a budgeting software to assist companies in performing budgeting for the organization the proper way. Well, the word "software" might set chills to most of us because we just couldn't find the time to learn yet another new system, the cost of sending staff for training and getting use to all the new jargon in the software. Well, it takes no rocket scientist to understand how this program works as Prophix is using Excel-like interface, which is familiar to most of us.

What amazes me is that Prophix is able to generate the scenario based on the user's input. To me, this is a good platform for the budget planners to see and compare the multiple views based on the different operational scenarios to avoid unnecessary surprises later during the actual implementation.

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