Saturday, October 27, 2007

Bubble Tea -Taiwan

Tea drinking is a cultural thing in Taiwan. You'll see the old gathered around tables with a pot of Chinese tea and the young queuing up to get a cup of cold bubble tea at little shops or kiosk mushrooming all over Taiwan.

It's already 11pm in Tai Chung and yet the Taiwanese were queuing up to grab a cuppa milk tea at one of the many shops in the city.

Big straws for big pearls and small straws for mini ones.
*The chewy balls are called "pearls"*

If you can understand what the tag line is trying to tell..
please enlighten me *scratch head*

Here's my cuppa original bubble tea with lots and lots of pearl.. *Slurpppppppp*

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~Christine~Leng said...

bubble tea.. hmm.. i wonder how many years ago I had this. You reminded me to have them. Thx ya! ;) haha.