Tuesday, October 16, 2007

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Isn't it stressful when your vacation is just days away and there are still heaps of task yet to be accomplished? You see... I've two birthday parties which I'm about to miss. Well, I might not be there but I need to get a gift for the two pretty ladies who's about to celebrate their 18th and 21st birthday. The temperature at my holiday destination will be quite cold and I've no warm clothings in my closet!

Thank god there's ShopNBC coupons! Because everything is so last minute, I won't have time to shop anymore. I went E-shopping a minute ago. ;)

As for the two birthday girls, I'm going to get them 18 roses and 21 Tulips each. With the coupons offered at 1-800-Flowers, the girls will be receiving their respective flowers on their birthdays!

Oh, as for my warm clothings and boots, I'm definitely going to get them from Kohl's because I'll be enjoying 10% off on my purchases!


U.Lee said...

Hello L'abeille,
Where you going for your holidays? You mentioned about boots and warm clothing?
Going to the Yukon or Alaska to see the Northern lights?
Warm clothing and boots only mean you going to have fun in the snow.
Have a wonderful holiday. UL.

L'abeille said...

Hi U.lee

Nice to see you again :)

I'm going to Taiwan tomorrow leaving poor X-T to maintain both my blogs ;)

*Psst...this is just a sponsored post so the boots and warm clothings were sponsor's requirement...*