Saturday, October 06, 2007

Ways to calm a jumpy kid in car....

I was on 4.5 hours road trip to Penang recently. My friend's husband was driving and I had the worst journey in my entire life. Well, not because he drives like a drunk driver but it's the kids in the car.

They've 2 children aged 4 and 5. During the first 30 minutes of our journey, both of them were playing with the toys mummy brought along. Soon, they started to get a little bored and begin shouting to be released from their car seats. Of course they were not allowed to. We tried to give amuse them with funny faces, pointing out the window to show them the mountains, trees and birds along the highway but they were not fascinated with the beauty of nature at all! hah! I believe they're just bored after sitting in the car for such a long hours.

I suggest on their next road trip, they should get themselves a portable DVD player. I found out that the portable DVD player comes with a 10 inch screen and it plays DivX and has a TV tuner too. It comes with a rechargeable battery pack which allows 4 hours of continuous play time. The best thing is you can plug the device into the cigarette lighter to be used in the car.

With the DVD player in the car, I believe the kids can watch their favourite cartoons while we adults can have a peaceful journey next time.

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Helen said...

Good idea! :-)

World peace at last! lol