Saturday, October 06, 2007

My great grandfather's Rolex

My great grandfather loves watches. One of the brands he used to collect was Rolex. Before he pass away, he left a couple of Rolex watches to my grandpa. According to my grandpa, these watches which cost around MYR3,000-4,000 many years ago has now appreciates. He showed me a gold one which looks a bit old and requires refurbishment costing around MYR30,000 today. I was shocked! I would suggest he keeps it somewhere safe instead of parading the watch around the city.


ep said...

U should put it in Bank safe deposit..its only cost a few ringgit for a year if i not mistaken.. my grandmother recently lost about RM 25k of gold and jewels just because she dun wan to listen to our advice..Huhuhuhu so sad..

Helen said...

hahaha Rolex are great watches.. but then what good is a watch if you don't wear them? lol

L'abeille said...

EP:What to do...OLD people hor..likes to keep stuff in the house :S

Helen: Agree! But nowadays it's not safe to wear expensive jeweleries and even watches.