Tuesday, October 09, 2007

We're about to move........

We're talking about our own domain baybee...woot! A million thanks
to Beng Han for offering us the FREE web hosting. YES, you hear us LOUD AND CLEAR..it's F-R-E-E! All we need to is to buy ourself a domain and we're ready to pack and move into our new 'home'.

The main reason why we are getting our own domain was because Google has decided not to rank
blogs hosted by FREE blog services anymore. Will that affect "Our Life Journey"? Of course lar! We'll be getting lesser & lesser reviews to write by our big bosses a.k.a sponsors. Therefore, we decided to pack our bags and leave this place for good. :) Our new "home" is currently empty. We're still deciding on the colour and the theme for the home. How about a romantic theme? Cool & Trendy? Hip hop? or Girly-girly? or Macho-nacho? It's difficult to choose because everything I pick also X-T said OK dear..Yes dear.. and Everything also nice dear... :S

Hah! The problem with woman hor, If you guys are too picky, they'll complain you're too sissy! If you're just like X-T who's always so supportive and allowing me to make my own decision... Dang..I can't decide and I'll also complain one ....hahahaha
We'll keep you guys updated soon...

As for now I'm going to Zzzzzzzzzzz!


Des said...

wah...a great step forward in blogging i guess..

all the very best and i will continue to visit and support ya!

already used u as my referrer in a few money making site as token of appreaciation of our blog friendship! hehe


Debo Hobo said...

I moved a few months ago and it is the best thing I have ever done with regards to blogging. Good Luck.

L'abeille said...

Hi Des,

Wah thanks your support and thank you so much for the referrer..aiyor yor..so touched! :)

Have a nice day!

L'abeille said...

Hello debo hobo,

Thanks for dropping by while. I'll invite you to our new 'home' when it's ready ;). Thank you for your encouragement and Have a nice day!

Take care!

twosuperheroes said...

Hey, I heard Superhero W mentioned yesterday that you guys are moving to a new domain..Good for you! Planning to do any house warming? hehehe.

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Hallo! Actually what is PR ranting arrr?? This wan free also??? If I put up 'pokeing' entries also can??? Will the site be force to close if I poke the wrong hole?? Also how to 'move' to new site??So sorry ask so many question as I am blurr blurr in all this. I look forward to ur answer & advice! Have a nice day!

Sasha said...

new house hor? eksyen la...hahahha

Sweet Jasmine said...

will be looking forward to yr new home....i dream of having one of my own too one day.....happy blogging....

Helen said...

Congrats. :-)

Are you still keeping this blog running? It'll be ashame to just to let this one go...:-)

Are you sure Google is not ranking free hosted blogs? I thot they are more generous towards Blogger... abang adik mar. Blogger belongs to them.

L'abeille said...

My dear superheroes:Erm...sure sure got house warming. You bring lemang and rendang ok?

Horny Kor:You can read all about PR ranking here
PR ranking cannot buy one. Google will rank our websites automatically. I think poking entries also can lar..even PPP accept your poking blog to poke on their products right? hehe

Sasha: Where got eksyen..LCLY only hehe ;P

Jasmine: It's an easy task to transfer. You should make one for yourself :)

Helen: Everything you see here, I will transfer to new blog. As for this existing blog, I am still thinking what to do with it. Other paid post no problem lar...my tai kor PPP don't want us soon wor. That's what I heard from some other bloggers.