Tuesday, October 09, 2007

I signed up for PPP!

When I signed up for PPP months ago, to be frank..it was just for fun. Back in my mind, I was thinking I'll be really lucky if I'll earn at least USD10. What I'm going to buy? Well, at that point I was thinking of getting myself a domain. If there's still some loose change, maybe I might consider buying myself a bag of sweets to keep me awake while I'm blogging at night. As days goes by, I was surprised to see that my earnings has periodically increased and now I'm on my way to redraw my first four digit pay cheque via Paypal! Cool huh?!

Since I've joined PPP, my network of friends has increased tremendously. How did that happen? Well easy. As I write reviews on products by my sponsors, my readers will start asking me questions like 'WHO' is my boss and 'HOW' did I get to write such reviews for all these great products and services on my blog. My answer to them? Just get yourself a blog and start writing for PayPerPost.

So, by introducing blogging for money opportunities to my fellow readers, they too became bloggers themselves and started to earn their first USD10 for a start. Today, most of them are actively blogging and most of them are even earning more then me haha! Anyway, through blogging and introducing people to blog and making money through theirs, we've became great friends as we share ideas and helping each other along the way!

If you're already an active blogger yourself? Ever thought of earning money through your blog? Get your blogs approved byPayperpost and start earning your first USD10! I can guarantee you won't regret ;)

But before you start registering, you might want to read about the PPP's word of mouth ethics first ;)

As for me, my dreams came true. I bought myself a domain and the rest of the dough? Haha..I'm going to reinvest! Join me?

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Helen said...

PPP is one of the best paid post platform around. Plenty of choices and good customer love that actually answer your queries. :-)

Way to go!! All the best!