Monday, October 08, 2007

When SIZE is your concern...


I would suggest you pay Carls Jr. a visit....

Carls Jr reopens an outlet at One Utama
[they used to have one at KL bird park but they closed down many years ago]

The side orders...

Onion rings

Chilli Fries
[The fries are cold and soft.....]

The burgers...

Double Western Bacon Burger for X-T

Portobello Burger for me.
[When the burger arrives at our table, I knew I'm in's humongous!]

After chewing 1/2 of the burger and pass 3 mouth fulls to X-T which is almost the size of my face, I decided to leave the bread alone and finish off the mushrooms and meat patties instead!

So how much do you think we paid for everything?


To those who're on a diet, don't worry lar.. all you have to do is work on a 5 hrs cardio dance sessions and 3 hours weights training the week before you visit Carls Jr.
Remember to have vegetables and fruits for dinner.

Erm..after visiting Carls Jr, head to the gym for the next 5 days for 5 hrs cardio dance and 3 hrs weight..
Continue eating vegetable and fruits..

Mmm..I think by next Saturday, you should've burn everything lah.. If you still gain weight..hehe..don't come blame me hor ;P *cabuts*


Des said...

wah this is reli madness...

see also drooling adee..

nice nice i wana feast too

then oni go gym suffer gila babi hohoho

good way of life isn't it ?

btw, thanks for your wishes!

L'abeille said...


Hahahaha... Go for it! Ya correct, today is my first day jumping like a monkey at the gym for 2 hrs... with only 10 minutes interval in between...

Another 3 hrs of cardio and 3 hrs of weights to go...Betul betul suffer like gila babi!

Sweet Jasmine said...

wow..big bucks for big burgers!...feels hungry just looking at it....

winniethepooh said...

wow..50 bucks for that! *pengz faint* taste good? :) then endure 3 hours of torture..hmmm..can 2
just share 1 meal, then just need to do 1 1/2 hrs workout hehehe

L'abeille said...


So expensive hor..we look abit silly paying 50bucks for a meal for two at a "fastfood" restaurant hehe.. but thank goodness the burger was good..

L'abeille said...

Hey Winnie,

Yup, expensive gila!
I cannot finish the whole set also i'm going for my 8 hrs gym hehe... guilty man!

twosuperheroes said...

wahh...didn't know Carl's Jr is here until you wrote about it..
Looks really yummy eh. Really XXL size too..
But no need to work out la..I'm sure X-T will like you as you are. Hehehehe..

L'abeille said...

Hi Superheroes,

Cannot ler...X-T like also no use..I've donated all my XXL clothings away and spent thousands on new S and M ones. If I get any bigger, I need to reinvest on another set of larger clothings? Cannot afford liao hehe..

ep said...

L'abeille..!! last time i used to lepak at Carl's Jr..And that's the reason why they close shop last time..!! Hahahaha..

L'abeille said...


What you do there? "Bird watching" ar? ahem...cough cough..

Sammi said...

Who ask you to go, go for what leh -expensive, no nutrition value and somemore have to burn the fat away, so I have decided not to visit but I still thank you to tell me this ya and try on behalf, ha ha!

Helen said...

Hey, are those burgers really that big or did you 'enchanced' it? lol

I always got tipu by Mc D and KFC. I see their poster so big and nice... when I order, the size kecut.

Hmm, Wan Utama eh? I'll remember. lol

L'abeille said...

Hey Sammi,

That's called life pleasures! Life is pretty bored without having to try out new stuff....isn't it?

L'abeille said...


It's HUGE :)