Monday, October 01, 2007

Why everybody's working today except me?

Nay, Nuzul Al-Quran was on the 29th September 2007 [Saturday] and therefore, today, 1st October 2007 [Monday] was a replacement holiday ONLY for the folks in Selangor. How lucky? I ain't happy because I woke up at 7:30am and sister's leaving for work already. X-T is also working and will only come to my place for dinner this evening. Let's see what I've done so far....

  • Rise & Shine @ 7:30am
  • No paid post to write this morning
  • Went marketing at 8:30am
  • Came back from market at 9:30am
  • Had muesli and milky for breakie
  • Boil X-T's favorite soup [mom said must be 4 i boiled early], prepare ingredients for tonight's dinner, torture plants in my garden, wash my car, wash my dog, wash everything in the house I see dirty, wash myself and it's only 12NOON!!!
So I sat down in front of my PC and ngam ngam chum chum in front of Sasha. I told her my butt's itchy, cannot sit still and need to find more things to do throughout the whole day. Guess both of us are so much alike in terms of "unable to sitting still for 5 minutes! She ask me to go lunch with her at Ikea but I eat already.

There's another 12 hrs to go before Monday ends... let's see what are the potential activities for L'abeille today:-

1. Go "Char Kuat" [Oriental Swedish Massage]

Citibank FORCE me to upgrade my card and later encouraged me to read my monthly statement online. 1 week later, they gave me a free Swedish massage worth MYR160. But I already did my char kuat[means massage in Cantonese] session last Saturday! Can do body massage twice in a week one meh? go or not to go leh?


Sit at home and memorize those new 3 digit Astro channels on TV?

You don't know meh? Starting from 1st Oct 2007, Astro changed all the two digit channels to three! It took me 1 year to memorize the numbers to Discovery Travel & Living, AXN, WLT and Starworld NOW THEY change again!


Sit at home and watch 3 DVDs...
*Blurks what a waste of time!*


Go shopping?

You see, this month I've a list of places to go. Hari Raya Holiday's coming, Taiwan trip is also coming, Langkawi's next. I think I'll have a list of things to buy before my vacation. My 2 years old bikini was given away because it's too loose already, my sunblock lotion's expired, I need to exchange some currencies, I need to get some warm clothing for the cool weather and sun dress for the island. The Garden's at Mid Valley's open, I've not visited The Pavilion at Bukit Bintang... but but....but....the weather today is soOooo gloomy and it's drizzling outside..

By the time I finish writing this post, it's already 1:41pm and X-T had called me 3 times to ease my boredom [thanks dearie haha!]. Maybe I should consider blog hopping and replying my reader's emails and comments today.

Hey my dear readers! Come come..entertain me while I stalk your blogs today! Hehehe...


Helen said...

I'm too late liao... By the time you get this, you're probably busy with X-T lol

Waa, got char guat... very syiok ler. If me, I'll take the char guat. But, the thing is, after char guat, I'll definitely feel very tired. Can drop down and just doze off... You got same problem or not? :-)

L'abeille said...

Woot! Finally got 1 savior coming to rescue me....!

X-T is not back from work yet. My dinner is almost ready. My body now smell like "ham yue"!

Ya, I'm still tired after my Saturday's char kuat session... BUT I still want to do things to occupy my time..

X-T always call me "chin kuat tau" one ler!

Sweet Jasmine said...

Wah!holiday still so sien..u must be a the way i like the song on yr blog..pls teach me how u put it housewife with no hi-tech knowledge...

L'abeille said...

Hi Jasmine,

Nice to meet you. No ler, not workaholic. As long as I've something to do at home, I'll be fine :)

Ooo, actually the music came from my earlier post - "The Age I Wish To Go Back To". Just add some slides and you can also add in a song to accompany the slide presentation. Send me an email if you need help in making one for yourself :)


Sweetpea said...

got time do not complain ok? here i am asking for 2 more hours daily leh! the charkuat if not the hard finger massage, i suppose u can do it. u don't want, please let me go! :)

L'abeille said...

Hi Kacang Hijau manis a.k.a sweetpea,

Aiya..i got plenty of time and I wish to share some with thee :p

You're in Australia mar, how to pass voucher to you jek? *hides voucher under the pillow*

Sweet Jasmine said...

thks for yr help..i will try out with the slides...

Johnny Ong said...

go for the char guat if u hav the time. no limit. i wldn't mind if i get it everyday.

L'abeille said...


Wah lau eh...Char Kuat everyday? You don't feel tired after the session meh? I really cannot tahan err.. Muscles aching :S