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Without kind people like.....

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Chin Yoon Keong was declared brain dead in Johor,
and his father offered to donate his son’s heart to Hui Yi

Hui Yi might not get a second chance to live again..

Hui Yi
One-year-wait for a heart

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Article taken from The Star today [5th October 2007]..

"KUALA LUMPUR: Tee Hui Yi’s body was rejecting her new heart and doctors at the National Heart Institute (IJN) were getting desperate.

Miraculously, a second donor heart became available and the 14-year-old girl got a second chance – thanks to the parents of a 20-year-old mechanic in Johor who died in a road mishap.

Hui Yi had shown signs of organ rejection after a 10-hour heart transplant surgery at the IJN which began at 1.30am on Thursday.

The first heart had come from a 15-year-old boy who was declared brain dead on Wednesday in Ipoh and the organ was harvested by IJN surgeons and brought back on a mercy flight to the Sultan Abdul Aziz Shah Airport in Subang.

On Thursday, the young mechanic Chin Yoon Keong was declared brain dead in Johor, and his father offered to donate his son’s heart to Hui Yi after having read in the newspapers about her one-year-wait for the organ.

“Hui Yi would not have made it if she had not received the second heart,” said IJN heart and lung transplant unit clinical director Dr Mohamed Izani Md Taib.

He said the IJN received an average of one donor heart in six months, but in the past one year, there was none at all.

“However, in the last two days we received two. This must be divine intervention,” he said yesterday.

When Hui Yi’s own heart began to fail, doctors at IJN had put her on a mechanical heart device which could only last two years.

From the day she got the the artificial heart, she had been warded at the IJN, with her mother by her side.

At the end of the first year on Sept 29, a tearful Hui Yi told pressmen at a media conference that she had been suffering frequent bouts of fever, vomiting and body ache – besides anxious, sleepless nights worrying that time was running out.

On Wednesday night, IJN assembled a team of 35 medical personnel as Hui Yi was wheeled into the operating theatre about 10.45pm, upon hearing that a heart had been harvested from a boy in Ipoh who was killed in a road accident.

Hui Yi’s heart was removed and replaced with the donor heart but unfortunately, the implanted heart failed to function, said IJN’s chief cardiothoracic surgeon Datuk Dr Mohd Azhari Yakub.

“Blood pressure was unstable even though the heart was in good condition when we procured it in Ipoh,” he said.

The symptoms pointed to her immune system rejecting the heart, said Dr Mohamed Izani, who explained that in any organ transplant, despite the matching blood type, there was a 5% to 10% chance of rejection.

“When we heard that there was a second donor in Johor Baru and that the blood group and height of the donor match the girl’s, and because her condition was not stable, we decided to carry out the second transplant,” he said.

The same team of surgeons performed the second transplant which started at 1am yesterday and ended about seven hours later.

“Her condition is now stable and the heart’s blood pressure is satisfactory. However, her condition remains critical,” said Dr Mohd Azhari, who headed the transplant team together with Dr Mohamed Izani. "

As soon as I read the touching story, I pulled out my donor card from my purse to check the details written on the reverse side of the card. I've made my pledge a year ago.Of course I prayed for good health for myself and everyone around me BUT I did told my family that if there's anything happen to me, please allow the doctors to take whatever that's left of me to help the needy. I'm glad that the parents of the two victims stepped out of the superstitious crowd to donate their child's heart to help Hui Yi. Just look at Hui Yi's eyes. She's such a lovely little teenage girl. She's only 14. She deserves a LIFE my dear friends. There are plenty of them out there with similar fate waiting for an organ transplant.

So, my dear readers... are you a donor yet?

If you wish to register yourself to be a donor or if you would like to find out more, click here.

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Sweet Jasmine said...

Hui Yi is lucky...2 hearts in 2 days...hope more people will come out to pledge their organs to save more lives....

Sweetpea said...

way to go l'abeille! good on you. no, i am not a donor.. yet. somehow i feel very superstitious about it, u know, if and when i pledge, i am afraid something might happen. silly i know. i have to overcome this 'fear' first.

winniethepooh said...

Yoon keong's parents will be very proud of his son for although he is not alive anymore, his heart saved the life of Hui Yi and that his spirit n memory shall always be alive through Hui yi.

May God bless the family.

it is true, I told my loved ones too that shall anything happen, if any of mine can still be use to save others, pls do so.

u hv a good week ahead L'abeille!

L'abeille said...

Jasmine: Yeah..Hui Yi is so blessed and I hope more and more Malaysians will pledge their organs too :S

L'abeille said...


I hope you may overcome your fear my dear. When we 'go', our soul leaves our body. Check out on the website attached as they do discuss about the religious viewpoints here.

L'abeille said...


I'm so glad you're a donor yourself and you're encouraging people to do so.

Have a nice day, my dear!

erinalaw said...

The world is lucky to have ppl like u. I am abit chicken one. Scare of blood so much until i dare not think about it. Maybe I am like sweetpea. Even when I donate blood, I always ask the assistant to put the blood somewhere else. Otherwise, sure pengsan terus. hahaha

erinalaw said...
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Helen said...

L'abeille - You're a donor? *gives l'abeille a pat ** :-)

You're doing a wonderful thing! I too wanted to follow your footsteps but somehow never find time or know how to go around it.

This post will definitely push me to put my thoughts to action faster! :-P

L'abeille said...

Erina: Wow, you are so brave to gift birth to your children but yet you're scared of your own blood? hehe..

Helen: I printed out the form and took me about a month to think over it before I dropped the letter inside the postbox hehe.. Eventually I did :)

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Which part of me to donate? I still haven't made up my mine! Wah! U donate yourself arrr?? I really admire u! Have a nice day!

Lemonjude said...

Hui Yi is very lucky in a short time she got another heart matches her...despite the previous one took long to found...God really show mercy on her...

L'abeille said...

Hor can donate your erm...erm.. *you know I know lah!*

Judy:Yeah, thank God the two victim's parents was willing to donate their child's heart.