Tuesday, November 27, 2007

99 Steak & Chops

Thanks to Jules for the direction and XT's sense of direction, we managed to find this hidden restaurant at TTDI last weekend. No sweat!

I choose to sit outside not because we smoke but I think the ambiance at the smoking section was better.

Mango juice with longan and nata de cocoRibena with nata de coco.

The onion soup was yummy but a bit too salty for me.

Hainanese Chicken chop taste OK but why are they serving Hainanese chicken chop with fries and coleslaw??
*The traditional Hainanese Chicken Chop should come with potato wages and baked beans.*

Grilled Chicken chop taste Ok but XT said it tasted better with Heinz chili sauce..

The verdict: The food was good and Jules was right, the price was reasonable.
Psst... We receive a 99cents breakfast voucher from the waiter..
We'll be back with breakfast report soon.. ;)
Latest update: Check out the 99 cent breakfast here.


SlowCatchUpKuan said...


mind exchanging links?
and my food blog


L'abeille said...

Hi Slowcatchupkuan,

Sure sure.. I've linked you to both my blogs :)

. ĆäřMën . said...

i saw the drinks and started drooling, but once i see the food i stopped. why aa? =P

L'abeille said...


Because you don't like chicken? :p

Big Boys Oven said...

read about 99 on the newspaper and located at TTDI, great to have read your review at least I know how good this place is!

L'abeille said...

Hi Big Boys Oven,

I've visited your blogs..and WOW you've so much more to share..

Have a nice day!

Lemonjude said...

*Drooling* Again nice food...

L'abeille said...


Bring along your family there and try out their food. It's really value for money.

johnnykiu.com said...

It must be very very nice!!!!

Comment from Johnny

L'abeille said...

Hi Johnny,

Thanks for dropping by. Well tasted OK but I would say it's a nice place for a weekend dinner as it won't burn a hole in my pocket :)