Monday, November 26, 2007

Got milk?

When doctor told me to drink more milk and eat more dairy products... I had the urge to buy myself a pet cow! I love milk but the main reason why I didn't drink as much as I should was because milk sold at our local supermarket taste diluted. It's not only me, even my Australian and England little cousins are complaining our Malaysian fresh milk sucks!

My imaginary pet cow -Betsy Nen
If you want it any fresher, you gotta squeeze them on your own..right?

While shopping for groceries weeks ago, we saw cartons of Hokkaido milk at the dairy section. A one litre pack cost around RM15++. Crazy eh? We bought the smallest packet at RM4.90 on our first attempt. The milk was so rich and sweet! Poor XT end up drinking only a sip or two... ;P

Days later, XT went to the same supermarket again and this time we bought ourselves the big 1 litre cartons. The expiry date is near and we got them at 50% discount. But I think it's still overpriced!

I need milk but I don't like milk powder. I don't like the taste of diluted milk. I cannot afford to drink organic and imported milk everyday! Can someone please recommend me a local brand that's cheaper and taste as rich as the milk sold at other parts of the world?!


Des said...

I don't really fancy milk either...

but a cheap dairy milk would be the fresh milk sold by the mamak's on the bikes around the villages LOL in case you still have it in your area

L'abeille said...

I thought those mamaks are selling only goat's milk...?

ehon said...

Lol. Yeh, I drink milk here in Australia everyday, but not in Malaysia. But with fresh milk, it goes bad after about 3 days, so it's a bit wasting, cos there's only 1 litre size. And that's ALOT!

L'abeille said...

Hi Ehon,

You're back in M'sia already? Welcome welcome back to Bolehland...

I think I can finish 1 litre in 3 days.. no sweat! hehe