Saturday, November 24, 2007

Big Breakfast for L'abeille

I should be sleeping at this hour. It's 4:30am now and I'm talking to myself... *yawn*

....I'm hungry! Crap, it's already SATURDAY and it's indulgence time....but so what?! I shouldn't be eating at this hour... *Dreaming of McD breakfast and Chinese dim sum*

... I should have finished the whole star fruit yesterday evening for dinner *Regrets*

I was checking through all my foodie photos taken since the day I started our food blog and I found exactly what I want to make for breakfast later...


It's even better if I've 'someone' to cook for me.. *yeah L'abeille dream on.....*

"I wanna scramble eggs on buttery rye bread, grilled cherry tomatoes with Italian herbs, sautéed mushrooms and bacon. Oh and a cuppa coffee and orange juice please..."

Okey Dookey, time to climb back to bed. If I'm able to wake up on time to make big breakfast... "Breakfast we shall all have" ;)

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