Monday, November 05, 2007

Euro Deli cured my cravings

*A Non Halal Post*

When it comes to German food, I only have one particular dish in mind.. Bratwurst!! Veal, chicken or Pork...I really don't mind at all. Forget about the crispy knuckle..I want my juicy big big sausages with sauerkraut . Guess it was about a month ago we revisited Euro Deli at Damansara Kim to cure L'abeille's sausage cravings..

This time, we ordered a litre of apple juice

Warm yeast roll was served while I wait for my bratwurst

X-T had two slices of thick loin with cubed roast potatoes and coleslaw

Here's my big juicy farmer bratwurst with a dollop of mustard and heaps of sauerkraut.. *argh...addictive!*

You might want to check out their November specials...


PEARLY said...

bratwurst with sauerkraut mmmmm yes I had the real way when I am in Holland few week ago ,is my big time fever too, when I live in holland 15 years ago winter is the time we had it nearly every week once to keep ourself warm ,the picture you show is not real way to make, it got mash potato with becon piece and sauerkoot too and don't reamerber had gary in it ,,,the next time you come to UK to visit me , I mean holiday do stay with me and I bring you to Holland and germany to enjoy the real way of this coutry dish .... wat you say ? ok ? tumb up ?

L'abeille said...

Hi Pearly,

Ooo..I would love to try a real bratwurst & sauerkraut meal. On my next visit to England, we shall keep in touch.

PEARLY said...

you don't forget to meet up with me if you does I will very heart broken xxxxxx

L'abeille said...

Thanks Pearly for your offer. Let me save up enough piggy bank money to meet you in UK hehe..