Monday, November 05, 2007

Roadhouse Grill, Jalan Ampang

Roadhouse Grill used to be a very crowded restaurant many years ago. Those were the days where peanut shells were scattered all over the restaurant and hunky gents chilling out around the bar area during happy hours. I miss the cracking sound of peanut shells as I walked into the restaurant in my cowboy boots. I miss the cowboy town feel, I miss their selection of music, the big chunk of red meat and free flow of ice lemon tea in big mugs. Well, it has been like a "cowboy town at midnight" since my last visit to the join 3 years ago. I almost forgotten the existence of Roadhouse Grill until aunt suggested this place last weekend.
A friendly car park attendant ran to us with an umbrella the minute we arrived at the restaurant compound [it was drizzling that evening]. The minute we stepped into the restaurant, I was surprised to see the sparkling clean floor. Not a single piece of peanut shell were spotted. The restaurant was rather quiet. Romantic music was played instead of the usual Country & Western music I used to enjoyed years ago.

Oo..the cover of their menu was changed too. They no longer serve salad as part of our mains anymore...sob.. sob..

Nice! Tables remained unchanged. We were ushered to a cozy corner. Nice spot for a nice family dinner!

We managed to mess the place a little while waiting for our meals. Not on the floor but the table...

First came a bucket of yeast roll. It was warm, a little crusty on the outside and chewy soft on the inside... Yumssssss!

Fried Squid & Nachos..*Two thumbs up*

Roadhouse Mix Grill [Beef,chicken & lamb] served with roasted sweet potato, sweet corn and seasonal vege

Dory fish
*I love the herbs*

Mixed egg & Fillet Steak Combo.

*The steak was great but the egg was nothing spectacular, guess my sis can do a better job with the eggs*

Fillet Mignon Cheese Steak
I did not take photos of the rest of the mains because... erm... those belongs to the host and my face is not thick enough to stop people from eating and start snapping photos of their plate hehe..

Aunt ordered "Messy Sundae". Well, I disagree with the name given. No doubt the vanilla ice cream inside the glass was yummilicious and the whole wine glass was covered with chocolate fudge and almond bits...The presentation was just TOO neat to be called "Messy".

Once again, my imagination ran wild and redecorate "MESSY SUNDAE" for Roadhouse Grill

"Ladies and Gentlemen, I hereby present to you.... L'abeille's MESSY SUNDAE"

And we finished our Messy Sundae "Messily"

P/S: Thanks aunt for the great dinner...*burp* ;)


Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Aiyoh! Yummy food! Look very very yummy but sadly out of reach for me! BTW why I can't poke into ur new site??? Have a nice day!

Helen said...

Wooo, dun know if its your pics or the place.. it sure looks nice. :-)

Ps: Is there any problem with your domain? Cannot access lar...

L'abeille said...
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L'abeille said...

Horny & Helen,

A thousand apologies. My web host is currently performing a migration. My blog will be transfered to a new server.. According to him, tentatively, my domain should be up again by tomorrow.

Have a nice day..


PEARLY said...

hi my very dearest pal :
look at all those lovely meal and pudding waaaala wish I were there to share .....mmmmmmyummy
I guess the messy sundae is mean you will make a messy not them hahah look like you did done a gud messy on it .. so call eeennjoy the pudding right !

L'abeille said...

Hi Pearly,

Glad to see you at our foodie blog. Guess you're right, WE are supposed to mess the sundae haha

Have a nice day!

twosuperheroes said...

Just look at all those yummy yummy food!
Didn't know this restaurant serves such good food..Sigh. You make me wanna pull Superhero W and fly there now! :p

L'abeille said...

Hi Superhero S,

No need to give face...tarak him there asap for a juicy piece of steak hehehe...