Monday, December 10, 2007

Yong Ann Bird's Nest Shop, Malacca

We spotted a little corner shop sitting behind Christ Church, Melaka. We were curious to check out the bird's nest egg tarts.

A lady was there preparing the egg tart pastries. Since it was a hot day, we thought of resting our tired feet inside the restaurant with some desserts.

We were a little disappointed to know that those bird's nest pastries sitting on the shelf all sold out. Since we're already there, X-T and I decided to tryout some desserts from their menu.

Out of curiosity, we ordered the Yong Ann bird's nest ice-cream. You see the whitish jelly on top of the vanilla ice cream? That's bird nest. Nothing special at fact, there's traces of ice inside the ice cream. That dark piece of chocolate? Mmmm... no comments!


X-T ordered the ginseng bird nest drink.. Trust me, it tasted like water!


Honey Bird's nest drink. Well, thank goodness this one was 'drinkable'.

A spoonful of bird's nest..

Anyway, they did managed to quench our thirst that afternoon but we will only be visiting them one more time for the bird's nest egg tarts in the near future..


twosuperheroes said...

Bird's nest...dunno why but cannot stand the taste to it lah. It seems to have a certain strange taste and texture...I bet Superhero W will never eat bird's nest too. He has low tolerance for strange food. Haha.

L'abeille said...

Hi twosuperheroes,

Trust me..If it's double boiled properly and keep it cool in the fridge, it tasted really really good. Now I'm starting to miss my mom's! arghh...

Sweetpea said...

i cant' see any bird's nest pun!!

L'abeille said...


RM9.90/bowl ONLY wor...must open your eyes big big only can see :p

Even if you can see might be overcooked white fungi hahaha

Janice said...

Hmm...I've been there B4 too! Not too bad! Frankly speaking, if you have knowledge about bird's nest, their prices are reasonable.And, the bird's nest is the real bird's nest, not white fungus, as the texture and taste are far different between white fungus and bird's nest. It's onaly the smashed bird's nest! Definitely! The price is only RM9.90. I ordered their Finest Stew which contains 100gms of bird's nest are very good.