Thursday, January 24, 2008

Chalet Suisse, Ampang

A cheesy candle light dinner follows right after the proposal...

X-T gave me another surprise that evening! Guess he got overly excited, we lost our way around the Ampang area and turned up 7 minutes late for our dinner reservation. We even stopped near a group of police to ask for direction. THEY direct us to KLCC but in actual fact, the restaurant is just behind us..sigh! Apo ni!

You know you arrived @ Chalet Suisse when you see a moo!

The interior

Warm crusty bread served with pesto and butter

Crab bisque for starter.
*The best we ever had*

Snails for appetizer.
Surprisingly it's cheese-less but it tasted heavenly!

The 3 golden yellow pieces sitting on the lamb is actually fried cheese. It's so sinfully delicious but gotta eat it HOT.

Mine is a veal dish with turkey ham and cheese served with noodle and cheddar. It's slightly salty but it tasted perfect with red wine. Heavenly!

Dark & white chocolate mousse.. creamy gila!

We enjoyed our meal, we had a great time talking about the future and a preview of our wedding plans and mmm... truly a night to remember.

GPS COORDINATES: N 03° 9.287” E 101° 45.058”


My Favourite Restaurant said...

wow snails, i would like to try it.

twosuperheroes said...

Auntie L'abeille, when are you bringing us there??? *act cute*

Des said...

whoaaa... fine dining...

the place looks cozy..and the food yummylicious.

Sue said... favourite!!