Monday, January 14, 2008

Dim Sum Kitchen, Damansara Uptown

*Non Halal*

It's rare that X-T suggest breakfast..especially on holidays and weekends because he would prefer to sleep-in. So, last week, he called for breakfast err wait-a-minute! 10:30am? That's brunch my dear hehe...

Here's what we had..

Hong Kong Chi Cheong Fun

Siew Mai

Har kau

Fried Carrot Cake

Prawn Dumpling

Yam Puffs

It's quite a nice dim sum place but the only drawback is the lack of choices.


twosuperheroes said...

wahhhhhh...l'abeille, the yam puff looks good! You're making us miss dim sum, especially the ones in Penang...haha..yum yummmmmm.... :p

L'abeille said...

It was really nice.. :)

Daniel said...

wa... they all look so yummy... this weekend im gonna go eat dim sum liow.. hahahahaha