Tuesday, January 15, 2008

La Manila , Taman Megah


Last year, X-T and I tried La Manila at Mid Valley. The food served at that outlet was good and service was just great! Two weeks ago, I spotted another outlet at Tmn. Megah while I was shopping for baking stuff, we gave this outlet a try and this time I was not really pleased with the food..

La Manila used to be really famous for their Char Koey Tiew..Mom ordered this and it was tasteless!! Urghh

Fried rice for the maid. So-so only lar

Noodle with chicken. Sis said "Nothing to shout about"

Assam Laksa was as good as the one served at La Manila Mid Valley.

Salmon steak was fresh and tasty but the sauce on top of the fish tasted like cream of mushroom.. Ugh!

Guess the only thing that will bring me back to this outlet is their cakes.. Here's our raisin orange butter cake for dessert. As delicious as ever.. Frankly speaking, their cakes are a thousand times better than Secret Recipe but nothing compared to cakes baked by X-T's mom!


Supergirlfriend said...

There's one La Manila at Ampang Park too rite...been wanting to try it out everytime I head to Ampang Park for McD. It's famous for its cakes?? Maybe I should go to the one in Midvalley eh...since you said that outlet is good :p

zaitgha said...

i have been the one in Ampang Park and to me it was so so too...as for the cakes, i reserve my comments ha ha ha....

Calv said...

wow nice site u have there....thanks for dropping by my blog though. cheers...

Julian Si said...

Slurp , slurp ... I love La Manila @ Taman Megah!


Cheers, nice blog!