Saturday, February 23, 2008

My wedding gift all the way from UK

I've a childhood friend who's now married and she is staying with her husband in London with 3 lovely kids. She was one of the first few friends I've informed about my upcoming wedding. She was so excited about the news and guess what? She sent me a parcel last week. It's quite a big box but it felt really weightless. Due to her cheeky nature when we were young, I thought she is sending me a card in a big box as she'd done that before previously. Well, I was wrong this time around. There were 2 sets of hot and very sexy lingerie inside with a personalized 'naughty' notes attached to each piece of the lingerie. Haha...she is as cheeky as always! Anyway, thanks Cheryl! Baby doll bridal set? Mmmm I better wait till the wedding night eh!

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