Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Stop popping those pills!

Well, I'm actually talking about the weight loss pills and you're popping everyday. Well, if you believe that swallowing pills will eventually make you lose those extra pounds, you're so wrong. Trust me, there is no short cut way to lose weight. I was once so fat everybody thinks there's an disorder in me. Well, I had the same idea as you thinking that the weight loss pills will eventually make me slim. In fact, I weight more by eating those pills because I continue to eat what I eat and my lifestyle remained unchanged. I started to give up on those pills one day and begin a good and balance diet which consist of more vegetable and less carbohydrates. I started exercising to regain a well tone body. Two years later, I successfully lose 20kg and managed to maintain my new healthy weight until today. So, please..stop popping those diet pills will ya?

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