Thursday, April 03, 2008

VoIP Phone Systems

Lately there was some changes in our organization. A few division was merged and a huge number of staff was offered the voluntary separation skim or what we called as the VSS. As of today, there's only two people left in the office and these two are required to handle most of the job such as attending to the walk in customers, answering phone calls and also performing the daily task. The biggest nightmare we're facing is the inefficiency in attending to the customer's calls. On a busy day, the phone will be ringing non stop and there's no way we can answer all calls at ones. Thank goodness my boss is going to install the VoIP Phone Systems. At least now customers can leave us a message so that we can return their calls. All missed calls will be recorded via the system. That way, we no longer have to disappoint our callers anymore. Good stuff!

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