Monday, April 07, 2008

Breakfast @ Senai

My traffic condition reporter/predictor a.k.a Mr X-T said the traffic to the Senai Airport in the morning is usually chaotic and therefore, he suggest we leave for the airport early the next morning. Well, he was absolutely right, we left 2 hours before the flight and the traffic was already building up somewhere near the industrial zones. Err, don't ask me where cos I sucks in road directions and that's part of the reason why X-T resurrected his old PDA to install the God-sent GPS. Thank goodness we left early! We arrived on a relaxed mode-on time for a nice and 'no-hurry' breakfast before we catch the morning flight back to Kuala Lumpur.

While I was at the Forex counter converting my SGDs back to MYRs, X-T spotted a nice breakfast place called Lavender Bistro.

Sugar & Spice and everything nice neatly placed our breakfast table..

Lavender Bistro decorated with jars of Orchid, where art thy lavenders?

Here comes the morning brew. Purrrrfect! No sourish after taste!

Next.. the ham, sausages and eggs

A twist to the traditional way of serving 1/2 boil eggs at our local kopitiams..

What a relaxing way to end a perfect holiday. Oh btw, AT&T Williams team confirmed a new partnership with AirAsia and that's the plane we're talking about. That morning, she flew for the very first time and yes we boarded this plane back to Kuala Lumpur. Woot!

N 01° 38.161”
E 103° 40.024”


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Nine3 Nine3 said...

Wow the 1/2 boil eggs looks special

PEARLY said...

this place really good very clear and well looking too .
love the way the breakfast have done so prety ler .