Saturday, April 05, 2008

Desa Paku Cafe & Restaurant, Ara Damansara

It's the indulgence weekend again for the bride & groom-to-be.It's drizzling and we do not wish to travel far on a lazy Saturday afternoon. Being lazy and hungry, we hunt for yummy food around the neighbourhood. This time around, we visited Desa Paku. A cosy cafe serving traditional kampung style Malay food. The deco is simple, clean and they serve yummilicious dishes. Quite reasonably priced too!

The entrance to Desa Paku Cafe & since I love giving nicknames to places I visit...I shall name this place "Mana Boleh Dapat Restaurant". Why? I'll show you one by one...

Ice lemon tea & teh tarik (pulled tea)
Not too sweet and the size of the glasses is not too small either! Bagus...bagus...
Total price for drinks? aircon and cosy ambiance somemore wor...
"Mana boleh dapat"...right?

Nasi lemak comes with a generous amount of ikan bilis, sambal, peanuts, 1/2 an egg, steam kangkung and french beans and it's only RM2nett wor... "Mana boleh dapat?"

A serving of ayam masak merah at RM3.50 per place. Ok, at this price, mana mana pun boleh dapat but it tasted delicious wor.. so? "Mana boleh dapat lah!"

Rendang Tok (beef). RM3.50 per serving.
Aiseh, Manaaaa bole......... I know i know...I'm getting annoying eh?

Hampalang you see here including the 2 big glasses of drinks at RM15nett only wor... I must say and I must say out loud for the very last time...


This place is only open until 3pm daily and they're closed on Sundays. If you're wondering why the restaurant is ALWAYS closed every time you pass by this place in the evening... Now you know lor! ;)

GPS Coordinates
N 03° 7.030” E 101° 34.724”

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