Monday, May 26, 2008

Wendy's @ Sunway Pyramid

Another backdated post on the latest fastfood joint in town. If you would ask how would I rate their burgers? I would say they're 1/2 a size bigger than our McD range of burgers in Malaysia and 1/2 the price cheaper than our dear Carl's Jr.

Just try sinking your teeth into these beef patties and you'll say goodbye to our Big Macs.

Don't really like their prawn burger but bravo to the non soggy and crispy patties!

They claimed that their chilli soup is rich and meaty....

We've tried and still think it's diluted and needs alot of improvement. It's not bean-ny and meaty enough..

Two thumbs up to their baked jacket potato!

We'll definately visit Wendy's again but only for their heavenly beefs..


twosuperheroes said...

The beef one looks good wor....haha..But the chilli soup like a bit...*ahem* strange?

L'abeille said...

Yeah, the soup tasted horrible! :S

Mummy In Vain said...

too bad, beef is not my taste.