Saturday, June 07, 2008

Opus Bistro @ Bangsar

It was X-T's birthday yesterday and this year, we had it at Opus Bistro. I was emailing the restaurant for a customised menu a few days before the dinner date and I was truly impressed with the friendly restaurant manager for his kind assistance in customising the menu for the night. The kind hospitality didn't stop just at the email conversations....... read on....

We were greeted by the staff standing at the front entrace and was guided to a cosy corner. I noticed that a golden candle was placed on our table instead of the tealight candles.

The contemporary designed bistro with soft music and nothing loud & flashy. That's just how my fiance likes it to be. *He just can't take live bands unless... they sing Frank Sinatra! and fiance isn't 60 yrs old!!*

The red wine were complimentary as I told the manager earlier that it was my fiance's birthday. *Pls ignore the cheeky off-focused birthday boy who was a little playful before the food's arrival.*

The bread basket was served with balsamic vinegar and olive oil. Their serving was so good, they gave us the bread basket TWICE..Oh well, the second basket was a mistake :) and they took it back hehe...

Our starters- Pan Seared Foie Gras with poached pear. The pear was sweet with a hint of sourish after taste. Foie Gras was a little crips on the outside and creamy on the inside. Not bad at all...

Primi- Grilled Scallops with rocket salad & shaved cheese. The scallops are quite big and oh, you can't go wrong serving these babes on a bed of rocket salad :)

L'abeille's Secondi- Baked cod served with lemon capers sauce. The baked cod fish was so fresh and juicy and the serving isn't small either. It was truly love at first bite !

The birthday boy's Secondi- US corn fed rib eye (180gm) with black pepper sauce. The beef was grilled to perfection. X-T gave a two thumbs up to this piece of juicy good cut of meat.

X-T's dessert - Honey Affogato, TRULY a coffee lover's delight!

According to the waiter...because I made reservations, the chef serve my tiramisu on a dish instead of the normal cup. Well, it was good but the Tiramisu without a hint of liqueur just isn't quite how I like my Tiramisu to be. The waiter came over to ask how was the desserts. I point at X-T's Honey Affogato and casually told him that I love the one X-T's having. He gave me a smile and left our table....

Minutes later, while I was still indulging spoonfuls of the creamy tiramisu, the same waiter came with a surprise in his hands! YES, ANOTHER CUP OF HONEY AFFOGATO on-the-house for me. sweet of him...I almost forgotten that it wasn't my birthday that day! Hehe...I shove the tiramisu towards X-T and yes, I was indulging my OWN cuppa coffee delight ;p.

At the same time, the birthday song was sung and surprisingly, there were 3 man celebrating their birthdays at Opus on the same day. The friendly waiters walked towards the birthday tables to wish the birthday boys after the birthday song was sung in a jazzy tune. A fine looking matured man was sitting next to our table celebrating his birthday with his wife. He told X-T "We both share the same birthday, the only difference is our age", he smiles before he blew the candle on his dessert. X-T replied "Don't worry sir, age is just a long as we are young at heart". They both nod with a happy smile on their face.

Before we left, X-T's wish was made as he blew the golden candle lighting our evening for nearly 3 hrs ( suggested by another guy behind the bar). The wine was sweet, the chat was good. The food was heavenly and a big applause to the manager and the waiters of Opus Bistro. You guys had made our evening extra special!

My verdict: A cosy place highly recommended for casual night dates, special occasions (make sure you make early reservations and tell them what occasion you're celebrating!) and friends get together dining place. They serve a combination of Italian, French and Mediterranean mixed. I would categorise this place as a reasonably priced fine dining place without burning a big hole in your pockets. Definitely worth our second visit!


Annie Q said...

Food blog! Alamak, next time make sure i come here with a full tummy, otherwise i will "torture" with all the good food review here!

I know where to check where to dine next time. :)

Nice blog!

Big Boys Oven said...

wow! you sound like it was a fun night out! nice food tho!

Mummy In Vain said...

i just dunno what to say! I just know I like such a place where I could never find in Ipoh, and that I've never been attended like that before! You both did really have a great evening.......i must better jot this place down.....when do i have a chance to experience such fine dining????

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