Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Old El Peso dinner kits for the lazy me

Old El Peso dinner kits are one of our favourite quick dinners whenever we've a "SUDDEN" cravings for Mexican dinner @ home. The 'kit' contains a bag of salsa, seasoning mix for the meat and also 10 pieces of soft fajitas or shell/soft tacos. The kit would cost you around MYR14++ here in Malaysia but trust me, it's way much more expensive to eat OUT nowadays. All we need to add in is about 450gms of mince meat for dieters (which you can get now purchase these lean mince from our local Cold Storage).

Just follow the instruction listed at the back of the taco kit and within 10 minutes, dinner is ready to be served. I replaced margarine/butter with olive oil and I also stirred in cubed plum tomatoes at the very last minute for the extra flavor without loosing it's crush.

Soft Tacos was wrapped in aluminium foil before reheating it in the oven for 7 minutes. Continue wrapping the tacos to keep them warm while serving.

That's the only time you'll see my fiance fixing his own dinner.. :P

A bit of everything was layed on a piece of soft taco.

X-T wrapping up his burito


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