Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Lychee Earl Grey Iced Tea

Today, I would like to share X-T's latest addiction with all of you. It all started off with his first sip of Lychee Earl Grey Tea at Pan Bakery during one of our weekend dinners. Honestly, it was really refreshing and after sipping one mouth full from his choice of drink that day, I wouldn't even want to let go of the straw!

Lychee Earl Grey Iced Tea from Pan Bakery, PJ State

Since X-T is so head-over-heels over this concoction, it gives moi a chance to experiment @ home :p


I started off with Earl Grey Tea and a can of lychee.

I put 1 teabag in a mug of warm water for a few minutes. Discard teabag.

Pour the tea into two tall glasses.

Add in some lychee and also fill up the cup with the lychee syrup. Ice was added.

THE VERDICT: The taste is QUITE similar to the one we had but there's STILL SOMETHING LACKING in the drink.


This time around, I added HONEY into the concoction before dividing the tea evenly into two tall glasses.

Tips: To enhance the flavor of your tea, you also can add in Yeo's packet lychee drink into your tea instead of the lychee syrup from the can. If you want to mix, it tasted even better! :)

Mission accomplished!


Annie Q said...

Ahmad Tea!! hahahha, this two days they are having some Promo booth at the food court at my office building! First time i come across this tea - Ahmad Tea. Now u mention it again. hahahhahahhahah

twosuperheroes said...

next time must try your recipe...hehe... tea and lychee sounds really nice! :p

L'abeille said...

Annie Q: Ahmad Tea is nice.. you should try the samples ;)

Twosuperheroes: Belum cuba belum tau, sudah cuba...HARI HARI mau..hehehe