Thursday, August 14, 2008

Bavaria Restaurant @ Taipan, Ara Damansara

Yes! You heard me right. There's now a Taipan @ Ara Damansara. Don't be fooled by the word Taipan. This Taipan @ Ara Damansara is NOT located in USJ. How confusing isn't it? :p

Last weekend dinner, we tried the German restaurant near my house for a quick dinner before heading to Ikea for another around of shopping.. *Gosh, the list of things to buy seems endless these days and I think I just killed my passion to shop already*

We were surprised to know that their set dinner @ only RM12.90+5% service charge, you'll be able to get...

A heavenly bowl of red wine onion soup which is delish!

A plate of mix garden salad.

A Juicy plate of Grilled Pork chop with black pepper sauce and a good serving of mash potato


Grilled Chicken chop with red wine sauce with a serving of mash potato

And as for drinks....

These Icey lemonade with soda only cost RM3 each!
Oh, did I mention there's also a cute little baby gurl ( I think it was the owner's daughter) smiling & teasing us after our dinner that night? She was such a cute little cupcake.. sugarpie...honey berry..... There isn't any dessert served with the set dinner but a smile on this gurl's face is good enough to fill my after dinner dessert cravings....


Annie Q said...

Ah...onion with red wine, hmmm it looks like mushroom soup. hahahha
Y the owner like red wine very much, everything also cook in red wine. The chicken and the pork look yummylicious..yum yum

L'abeille said...

The dots dots inside the soup are actually herbs and not mushroom. The owner gave me red wine sauce for my chicken because i give him the boring LOOK when he say my chicken is going to come with the black pepper sauce (which I think it's abit too common) :p

So, she make me red wine sauce instead hehe..

zaitgha said...

we also got Taipan in Seremban when is the big day?

L'abeille said...

Hi Zaitgha, Taipan is also in Seremban... *confusing betul lah!* hehee

Big day's this coming 27th Dec :)