Thursday, August 07, 2008

BBQ Chicken @ NXZ

After a hard day painting and washing and cleaning up @ the new apartment, we treat ourselves to a very sinful dinner cooked in a 'slightly' healthy way restaurant just a stone throw away from our apartment. Am I confusing you with the my statement highlighted in red? Well, BBQ Chicken claims that they use 100% olive oil in their cooking. So, fried chicken is sinful but when it's fried in olive oil, it's considered 'slightly' healthier right? right? :p

The interior was rather attractive. Now I wonder how their food tasted like.

1st in the world to use 100% Olive oil? Eh... I thought I was the 1st!

We had Jerk BBQ and also Korean Charboiled that day. Both dish looks similar, so I only post one of the photo here.

Jerk BBQ
Chicken whole leg cooked over charcoal fire with no additional oil used then spread with authentic Korean style barbecue sauce made of more than 20 flavourful natural seasoning and red pepper grain giving it a little tinge of spiciness.

Korean Char boiled
Using only the most tender leg meat chicken meat, it is marinated in a natural sauce made of 30 secret ingredients then roasted first with hardwood charcoal, then followed by roasting on earthenware. [Source]

We also ordered their chef's recommendation: Golden Strip Salad. Not bad!

The heap of fried left in our plates. Fries fried in 100% Olive oil? Mmm.. oh no, that's too huge a heap to finish up... :)


Annie Q said...

So long never been to NXZ, i think the last round i went is during chinese new year. Hmmm...looks like they have more food stall now huh? Should go and check out one day. :)

Mummy In Vain said...

yeah, maybe heard is considered healthy, but the fried stuff look dark a bit wor....any oil that is overheated or used back again and again is considered not good rite?....nah, nvm la, can try once in a while...go for detoxin lo later. :p

L'abeille said...

Annie Q: Come over me meet me!

Mummy in vain: those dark dark chicken were char grilled. Yeah, I've been detoxing myself since forever...what to do... too "wai sek" :p