Wednesday, November 05, 2008

TJ Haus, SS18 Subang Jaya (Revisited again & again)

Realised that we've been visiting this place over and over again. It's just a tiny little restaurant with only a few tables. Sometimes, we just want a comfortable and quiet dinner without the hoo haa of dressing up "for the occasion". Here we are, once again... dressed down to enjoy our non pretentious European chow and a good chat.

Herbed bread to start off with..

The appetizer we won't miss ordering every time we dine at TJ Haus. It's a platter filled with Smoked Salmon, salad and rosti

Creamy Carbonara which is not too creamy. Good!

We made it to dessert this round cos usually we were too full at the end of our meal. A very delicious scope of Mango Sorbet for sharing.

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Baby said...

i'm going there for dinner later..