Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Novel Cafe, Ara Damansara (Revisited)

We revisited Novel Cafe at Ara Damansara again because...

If we buy 1 pork chop rice set..

...we can get another pork chop meal for free... I asked for meehoon instead of rice and it tasted as as nice! The only difference between the one that comes free is the missing soup, the drink and a tiny piece of fruit. :p

We couldn't decide to have our spring roll appetizer fried or not and so, the very kind waitress suggest we have one of each. X-T preferred the fried crunchy ones..

Since my free meal doesn't come with a drink, I ordered myself a glass of lemonade with peppermint. I wonder what's lacking in the drink but overall, the drink tasted okay.

We're now a member of Novel Cafe ...yay!

The membership card comes with a stack of coupons too. You get something free once each card has been completely stamped. Looked so colourful and somehow these cards reminded me of the property mortgage cards found in a set of Monopoly game hehe...

Till my next craving for Vietnamese food ;)

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