Thursday, December 07, 2006

Mr "Shortcut" dare to be different and took the plunge

Oh my goodness, my man blogs!
Check this out....

X-Trail vs. 2 feet plus flash flood
"Was travelling home via Jln. Kuchai Lama yesterday evening and it was raining heavily. The storm drain in front of the Ajinomoto factory burst its bank and water level came up to 2 feet plus. Cars in front of me started making U-turns. I decided to brave it and plough through this mini wall of water. Hence, shifted to 1st gear and went in. Steered away from the road shoulder and at the same time monitored the tachometer - being careful to keep RPM above 1500 as water level is definately above the exhaust outlet. Came out successfully, went into NPE and headed home.

Though no problems crossing flooded areas, I do not recommend it at all. I spent a good half-hour cleaning the engine compartment after this 'adventure' - the engine compartment was full of mud, twigs, leaves, and it's possible I removed a dead (and decomposed) rat that got stuck in front of the radiator (the thing was too soggy to identify).Next time, I'm going to take the U-turn just like everybody else."

Beelibaala says:
What can I say? Just couldn't believe the things you dare to tryout with your new wife! tsk tsk tsk

I am wondering when will my "Adventure seeking" dearie strikes again...

**I remembered you were discussing about driving up Cameron Highlands via the muddy terrain with my dad...I wonder if he still wanna do that when he changes his 4wd?! kekeke

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