Thursday, March 29, 2007

Exotic dancing for L'abeille?

As usual, I rushed to the gym immediately after work. Dressed down and goes straight to the gym's dance studio....

6pm sharp, a Chinese lady walked into the room with a pair of sexy white heels announcing to the class that she's replacing my Brazilian dance instructor for the day.. Mmm, at that moment..I was thinking "it doesn't matter who's teaching lah, I just wanna sweat it all out... right?"


I really wanna know where this so called replacement "instructor" came from... ahem...

Her first instruction was "Ladies with long hair, let your hair down" because we're gonna do this...

Swing your head to the back, follow the rhythm.....sway your hair all to the front, tilt your butt to the back...legs slightly apart (I said "SLIGHTLY", legs open too wide will make you look like a constipated sumo wrestler) and finally, lift your head up facing the front with two hands touching your.........erm...tummy and finally, lift both hands up the air..
Goodness, she said this is very very "EASY"!

Photo "pimjam-ed" from this website (I was just trying to show you a similar choreography we did). I didn't take any photo of the dance session because everybody was too "busy".

What else we learned? Well, we were trained to glide hands up the straight leg and raising our head over the corresponding shoulder to look back at the "invisible" audience. Next, we need to smack our butt and rub knees on the wooden floor like a boneless monkey who needs to go to the loo..... or man called that "sexy"?

Oh wait a minute...a guy walked into the dance studio and started dancing together with the group... Eww...just imagine a guy doing all those exotic movements.... blurks...disgusting! No, he ain't gay!

Surprisingly, entire body is aching, especially the waist, lower abdomen and hips area. It was a good dance experience for me BUT a little too embarrassing! Maybe I should only practice such choreography behind close doors?

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