Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Quality time spent with myself

I was home alone last Monday. X-trail was working and so are the rest of my family & friends. The night before, a friend of mine who's a working mom said I should "try" being a "tai tai a.k.a si lai" (homemaker) for a day because there are plenty of woman out there who's dreaming to have such lifestyle.... sigh....

Oh well.... here's how I spent my day..

I started my day at La Bodega for breakfast with my creative designer cum ads advisor. Checkout the fluffy scrambles, the beef bacon and sautéed mushrooms. I had my java fix and a cuppa cranberry juice to "wash my guilt" away...

I drove to Village Grocer and Country Farm Organic shop @ Bangsar Village to get some food supplies for the week. Came home, boil some soup for dinner and I started to feel a little bored ;S

Wow...good! Half the day's gone... now what's next?

Since I'll be skipping lunch...after the humongous breakfast I had earlier...I end up lazing around in front of that idiot box....but the cable TV was showing crap that day....

Wanted to go out shopping but unfortunately, it's about to rain. Tried to surf the net but Steamyx was *#$_)#!#*$# slow-w-w-w........ I read a little, did an hour of dance, 30 mins of stretching exercises, had a warm shower and started to feel sleepy.

I set the alarm to wake me up an hour later to cook dinner but hah...the moment I hit the bed, I was not able to wake up at all. I was practically snoozing my cellphone alarm every 9 minutes for a couple of times!! *That's so NOT ME*

By the time I decided to wake up, I've only 35 mins left to cook before X-trail arrives for dinner. Panic? Nah....I'm used to cook in a hurry...NO SWEAT!


Handmade extra lean pork burgers cooked in Worcester sauce sautéed with caramelized yellow onions and tomatoes

Stir fried spinach with garlic and wolf berries

Radish, pork bones and wolf berries *Mom said this soup will cool down a "heaty" body and the bones to strengthen our backbones wor... and she even remind me to throw in a chunk of wolf berries a 101 times because it's for my EYES.... yadah yadah...i was blind before..I KNOW!!! * Don't ask me, I've zero knowledge on Chinese Food Myth

Dinner's served, X-trail's back from work and we had a great time telling each other about our day. I realised that a typical stay at home lady don't have much topic to talk about...only complains! *scratch head*

That night, I met the working mom again via MSN and she asked how was my "tai tai" day..

My reply to her "If I am so hung fook (blessed) to be married someday, Pleaseeeee give me a kid or two just to keep me annoyed..opps..i mean busy OR just let me rot in the corporate world out there. Tai tai's not for me...blurks..."

Yay! I felt so happy to be able to go to work this morning...NO I am not faking it!

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