Thursday, May 17, 2007

The "High Court" Scam warning

This incident happened over the phone today and I would like to share with all of you...

If you receive a voice recorded message informing that you've missed a hearing on a particular date and you're given a second chance to go for the second hearing at a later date...PLEASE PUT DOWN THE PHONE. You've be given options to press "1" to listen to the voice message again or "2" for more information. When "2" is selected, the caller (speaking perfect English) will confirm your full name and IC number. They might even ask for your account number. For my case, it says that the name and the IC number appears in some "loan shark" file and we need to provide certain personal information to "clear our name". *EVERYBODY should know that if we're to be called to the court, we would've received letter from the court or some kind of warning letters*

Out of curiosity, I asked for the caller's phone number and name. The moment he puts down the phone, I checked the number with our local telco and I was told that this number is not in service. Hah! I called up one of my friends (who's a bank officer in one of Malaysia's leading bank) to share my "experience". He said there's nothing these people can do with just the name and the IC# they're having as long as we do not follow their instructions by providing account numbers and PINs (aiyor...isn't it STUPID to provide such info over the phone????!!!!)

In the past, everybody was greedy. Most people were caught in "lucky draw" and "you look lucky today, come claim your gifts" scam. Guess these people changed their strategies lately...cheating in a more creative way..i supposed.

But one thing still lingers in my mind...WHERE ON EARTH they can obtain the name, telephone number and IC#?!?

So....Malaysians...WAKE UP and be warned!

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