Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Out of Africa Restaurant & Kudu Bar

The moment I tell parents that we're going to a restaurant called "Out of Africa" to celebrate sister's birthday, I see two interesting expressions:-

Mom gave me the sour grape grin and said... "Aiyor, have to eat all those wild animals one ar, I cannot one lar, do they serve seafood fried rice? Dad was pretty adventurest...he said "Wah good, can eat lion, tiger.....do they serve elephant meat too? What about crocs? Hah!

As for darling X-trail... what else? Africa = Ostrich to him!

The Starters

We had Jungle Salad & Potato Skins... I forgot to take a photo of it...we were all TOO HUNGRY after waiting nearly 30 minutes for our starters .... *ROAR*

Our next starter, 1/2 doz. sizzling snails baked in garlic herb butter sauce. Haha...you should see mom and dad's eyes watching three of us sucking the snails dry...

The Mains

Mom ordered Cape Seafood Platter. One of the best in town I would say!

Dad was a little disappointed knowing that Elephant ribs are actually beef ribs ...he had Oudshoorn Roast Ostrich Oven roasted Ostrich filet with mixed mushrooms, ginger crisps & red wine sauce. Something's not right with this dish!...He ordered WHITE RICE to go along with the Ostrich... erm...looks abit like "Charp farn" (economy mix rice) isn't it?!?

The birthday girl ordered Zuri Duck Van der Hum. It's actually pan seared duck breast with orange sauce flavoured Van der Hum, a South African orange & ginger liqueur with mash potatoes...YUMMY!

The fan of big bird ordered 200gm of Ostrich Fillet each. Mine was with black pepper and dearie's was showered with red wine sauce.

The Cocktail

Here's my glass of Tequila sunrise.. So-so only.

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