Tuesday, May 22, 2007

My Fair Lady - The Musical came to Malaysia

If you think that you and your partner MUST share the same interest in order to enjoy a happy & successful marriage....in my opinion, it's only 1/2 true! My mom sings very well, loves to watch people dance and she enjoys musical plays very much and hates shopping. She's married to a man who loves watching wrestling, loves shopping, sleeps in a musical play and doesn't know how to appreciate the art of dancing.

But both of them do have common interest...they both love me and my sis..WHAT??? I can't count that in? haha...ok.. ok..., they love traveling together as a family, they love exploring new eateries and they love animals. So I guess, we as their children should fill the gap and pamper them on things they're not able to enjoy with each other....right?

Since it was mom's birthday, we bought her a ticket to the musical....

MY FAIR LADY-the musical came to Malaysia last week. We enjoyed The Producer during our trip to London last year. We were spoiled with choices from Les Misérables, Phantom of the Opera, Dirty Dancing, Guys and Dolls and Mamma Mia just to name a few. I remembered I was munching on a piece of over sized pizza facing the ticketing counter holding a list of musical titles for at least 10 minutes just to decide which one to watch!

Visiting London without experiencing their West End Musicals at any of those beautiful theatres around Covent Garden is like leaving Australia without meeting the Koalas or Kangaroos, going to Shanghai but didn't visit The Bund (Seong Hoi Tarn) at night-it's so beautifulllll, visiting Penang
without trying their asam laksa or even coming to KL without visiting L'abeille..HAH! Ok..that's enough.

Sis was with dad that evening, doing what he likes best-shopping and dining while mom, X-trail and I went for the musical. I shall skip our dinner review and I shall not even mention where the cafe is! The food there used to be good but that day, it was disappointing....

The tickets were couriered to my office 1 month before the show.

The play was held at the The Plenary Hall, Kuala Lumpur Convention Center. It's situated right next to our Malaysia's very own Twin Tower.

The 3.5hrs (15 minutes interval) show was mesmerizing. As good as the ones I watched in London. Worth every penny spent on the tickets! Bravo...bravo...

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