Thursday, July 12, 2007

Cameron Highlands (Part 3) - Tea plantations & Scones

The trip to Cameron Highlands will never be complete without doing two things. One is to visit the tea plantation and secondly, to have tea and scones. So, we did it all... hah!

Here we are at the Boh tea plantation.

The alley that leads us to the Boh tea factory.

I was patiently waiting for this guy with the cute hat and blue coat to take me on a tour inside the factory. Oh well... I was disappointed that the one guided us that day was not as cute..

Foreigners choose to lepak outside the tea factory, enjoying the beautiful scenery and fresh air while we locals queuing up to buy Boh tea? We Malaysians are just a bunch of hilarious people, isn't it? We've cartons of Boh tea of all flavors displayed on our local supermarket and yet we never bother to look at them. We prefer to make a long queue up here in Cameron Highlands for the tea bags... For your information, these teabags were not even packed in Cameron Highlands. tsk... tsk... tsk...

We had our morning tea break at Cameron Valley tea house.

The tea tasted normal but never leave this place without having a piece of warm & fluffy scone with fresh creme & butter! Well, if you do not have a sweet tooth like me, you might consider leaving the strawberry jam alone....

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