Wednesday, August 01, 2007

AhChoo Sneezeeeeeeeeeee continues....

*whispering to your ears* Eh, why is my body so weak now eh? I remember ar, last time when I catch a flu, all I have to do is sleep the whole 1 day and I'll recover and run like a horse the next. NOW? I'm sick for the 3rd day and I'm sicker than Monday! CRAP!!!!!

This morning at the doctor's clinic

Doc: Good morning Ms Chew

Me: More-ling Locter (pronunciation 'lari' abit due to nose congestion)

Doc: You've a pretty bad nose congestion.

Me: Yes, and a plu [flu] too. I cough at nai [night], got flan [phlegm]. Just give me medicine but I don't need MC.

Doc: Open your mouth wide, let me check ............................. Eh? Why still got food in your throat haha..? I think you're having a bad infection my dear...

*Apparently, I had some pau before my doctor visit and drank some milo. The pau is too dry, my throat is too small due to the infection, the pau didn't manage to wash all down my tube......!" Well, sorry for being so disgusting... hehe...

Doc: You need a rest, I give you flu medication, some mouth gargle for your infection. The tabs are really going to make you drowsy. If you're having fever tomorrow, come back for the antibiotics. Ok? You need an MC today..

Me thinking *But...but... I can still blog ler*


Me: Okieeeee

So here I am, took my first medicine this morning, hugging Spongebob....feeling really "high" singing..

"I was gonna go to work, but then I got high
I just received a morning call from X-T
, but I got high
Now I'm STILL updating my blog and I know why, (why man) 'cuz I got high Because I got high
Because I got high"


Juzcoffee said...

You only stay at home mc for a day....

Imagine me, on leave for a month and a half...
Week 1 - Go Europe holiday
Week 2 - Sick, stay in hospital
Week 3 - Stay at home (Wife have to work), watch astro, blog, eat, sleep
Week 4 - Stay at home, watch astro, blog, eat, sleep
Week 5 - Stay at home, watch astro, blog, eat, sleep
Week 6 - Stay at home, watch astro, blog, eat, sleep

L'abeille said...

Wahahaha.... I luv your week#1

Oh...I hope you're feeling alright now after week#2's hospital stay...