Friday, August 24, 2007

Going Organic

Really...It's NEVER easy to gather all the girls in my office to walk right through an organic or a vegetarian restaurant! Surprisingly, today...when I asked if they're interested to go green...everybody except 1 agrees to join me.

Colorful entrance

I usually shop and tar pau there alone but erm... *blushing*..this time, I need a few to come along with me so that there will be more orders in order for me to snap more photos lah..what else! Muahahaahaa...

The restaurant [which is sitting next to the organic mart] can be quite busy during lunch hour.

The Organic mart

They've "most" of the organic supplies I need. The only problem I faced shopping here is that, all staff in the shop communicates in Mandarin. They can't even speak Cantonese *shame on ME...* So, all I have to do is point here and there whenever I need something or ordering a meal. Thank goodness the menu's translated in English..or else.... Sigh...

Red bean and sweet potato soup.

Aloe Vera drink. It's not too sweet and it contains a generous amount of aloe strips in it. Refreshing!

Economy mix rice will be served during lunch hour.
Colleague said it's delicious!

They serve Lui Cha Farn on Tuesdays and Fridays.
The taste? So-so lar but since I'm used to eating tasteless vegetables, this dish is perfect!

Mushroom fried rice.

Sambal rice.

Basil leaves fried beehoon.
I give this a two thumbs up!

Oh by the way, fruits and soup is FREE for all.

Organic Vegetarian Fresh Mart and Restaurant
17 & 19 Jalan SS18/1B
47800 Subang Jaya

*Someone requested for a map, I shall.."practice my drawing skill" over the weekends & update you guys*

Meanwhile..have a nice weekend!


EK said...

Just love food.....
Not a KLer; any maps to direct me there on my next trip to KL?

L'abeille said...

Hi EK draw map? *taking a deep breath* Ok ok...let me check out from X-T.

Sweetpea said...

u make me SSSOOO hungry!