Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Warehouse Sale Frenzy

So I was about to leave Ipoh city after a hearty breakfast with my family last Sunday..

Ipoh dried shrimp Chee Cheong Fun [rice noodle] with sweet red sauce. *yumsss!*

Suddenly, dad suggested we make a trip to one of the warehouse after visiting the kacang putih village as they're having a close down sale until end of this month. I told myself I'll not be getting anything at the sale this time. After all, it's only many beds and tables do I need. right?
I won't...I won't...I won't*

A chair for oversized butt selling at 60% off?
Mmm...Not required ;)

I spotted 3 bean bags and it's at 60% off.. "Wow... but ....Nope...I told myself, I don't need these dusty bean bags X-T is comfy enough for me"

We almost bought this sofa bed which is also selling at 60% off! We got excited because the sofa was quite firm and it's a queen sized bed when it's opened up! Well, we couldn't find a good reason to get ourselves an extra bed, we walk away empty handed at the furniture section. *Phew*


Did I say I'm not going to buy anything?
Well, here you go......everything on the table, under the table and leaning against the table belongs to the fantastic 4!


I just remembered after the cashier completed our transaction.
As I pulled out my car keys, I realized I'm driving my Blue Cutie Compact that day and it's not X-T's X-trail and it's not daddy's Hylux. How am I going to fit everything and 4 adults into my cute blue car??!!!

Thanks to the staff at the warehouse...
He was happily helping us to load everything into my little car in less than 10 minutes!

Daddy's rubber wood chair [MYR$ 30 only, mana mau cari??] will be sitting in front with me.

Mommy's bookshelf [50%+30% off] will leaning against the back passenger seat. Mom and sis will be sitting at the back hugging 8 big bags of Murukku I bought earlier.

As for Blue Cutie Compact's backside?
It's going to be filled with the rest of L'abeille's stuff!

What's in those bags?

I've a stack of microwave and dishwasher safe plates [priced between MYR$1.50-3.50] each

Another stack of unique soup bowls at MYR$7.00

3 rice bowls at MYR$2.XX each!


Microwave containers [MYR$5.50 for 3]!!!

Other nick knacks such as pillows, mini cabinets, metal storage boxes and other cheap stuff which I can't even recall now.. hehe

We spent less than MYR$300 for all our purchases. Cheap.. cheap..!

That was my daddy's masculine hands taking over the wheels while I try not to lost my balance while holding on to his rubber wood chair! grrr... Dad wants me to tell my dear readers that his daughter actually SOLD her car in exchange for all those lovely plates, bowls, pillows and cheap cabinets! Pluffffffffffffttt


PEARLY said...

wow! so cheap where is the place I go I go with you the next time

Michelle said...

GOSH! ALL THIS FOR LESS THAN 300 RINGGIT!!!!!!! That's a total bargain! I absolutely LOVE the plates. They looks so beautiful and it will definately look stunning for a dinner party.
Well done. I will definately go crazy in that WONDERFUL warehouse. I can feel your excitement... :)

socrates rudy sirait said...

Wow, big time shopping freak...
I'm also a bit shopping freak especially when it comes to golf, camera, lens, shoes, books and gadgets... :))

L'abeille said...

Pearly: When are you coming back to Malaysia? If you're returning within this year, I believe we can go together. My dad offers to drive all my bloggerfriends!

Michelle:Cheap ler! haha...

Rudy:At least you are crazy over certain things..I'll go for everything! :p

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Not! I just go & have a look see look see! But in the end she will end up with a few bags of 'goodies'! That is my gf! Ha! Ha! I suppose all the ladies are the same the whole world! Well at least U r happy with what u buy! A real bargains I must say! Have a nice day!

L'abeille said...

Hi Hor-ny Orang Utan: Thanks for po-king by. Thanks for being such an understanding orang utan.

Lemonjude said...

Wow, all furniture really good deal and can see that is good quality furniture too..

If you are buying new home, sure you need to lorry...

L'abeille said...

Hi Jud-jud: Just imagine if I went in my bf or dad's 4WD. Habis lar...everything also I want!