Friday, April 11, 2008

Dynasty Hotel, Kuala Lumpur

It was my great grand aunt's 80th birthday and we get a chance to enjoy a night stay at the family suite @ The Dynasty Hotel, Kuala Lumpur. Well, the room was just OK and nothing to brag about except the part where the room wasn't cleaned when we checked in at 4:30pm that afternoon! Empty mineral water bottles were lying everywhere and the bedroom was in a complete mess! I rang the room service department and requested for a change of room. Well, the service was rather quick, in less than 10 minutes, we're in another clean suite.

Since there's nothing much to do in this hotel and the dinner is at 7:30pm, we started to hunt for teatime snacks. Ah ha! We spotted Cafe Biscotti and thought we'll just give it a try...

Here's our coffee & teh tarik (pulled milk tea) comes in big mugs

The cakes we ordered...

Their signature Prune cheese cake was heavenly!

Peach tart was so-so as the pastry was a too dry..

Stawberry marble cheesecake? L'abeille will never say no to anything with STAWBERRIES on it! Oh yummy..

After tea, there's still time left, so we took the lift all the way up to the OASIS on the roof..

Hope to bump into some muchos in speedos showing off their 6 paxs and bikini girls splashing water at each other.. *bummer* The waters was rather still and "empty" that afternoon *yawn*

So we ended up gazing at this view until dinner time... *yawn x2*

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