Monday, April 14, 2008

Station One, Ara Damansara

Lately, cafes and restaurants are mushrooming around Ara Damansara.We dared ourselves -despite being warned by 'someone very thoughtful' that the food is .. B-A-D. Oh well..

First we ordered fried squid and it was crispy and tasted OK but they gave us 'cheap' ketchup and chilli sauce as dips... and the price wasn't cheap either! -.-

Next came the Chicken Clay pot tom yam. IF only the soup is boiling hot and IF only the chicken slices are 'less' starchy a.k.a marinated with LESS con starch' and IF the serving is BIGGER.. I'll be so much happier! *bah*

Sis went for the "CHEF'S RECOMMENDATION". This 'THING" is called spicy sauce noodle with chicken. One word explains all....B-A-D!!! You don't mix oyster sauce with meat and called it the chef's recommended NOODLE..hah!

DILUTED and too sweet! Need I say more?

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