Thursday, July 17, 2008

B-B-Q Bar @ One Utama

My turn to select a place to dine. Kungfu Panda tickets were collected an hour before showtime and so, I choose B-B-Q Bar for the sake of killing time ;)

Here comes the beef platter set with a combination of seafood on a bed of vegetables..

Its rare to see my fiance 'works' for his meal. Haha..

The garlic rice.
Eh, quality dropped la.. Not as nice as before and the rice was rather COLD.

BACON ROLLS used to be our favourite appetizer at B-B-Q bar. Well, not anymore!
The bacon doesn't taste or smell like bacon anymore. The stuffing tasted flat! Argh...


I am Pinky said...

So its pariah lah!
Thank you for updating this cos i have never been to this place :P

L'abeille said...

Hi Pinky,

Yeah, if you really wanna go, go for the authentic Korean BBQ :)

SlowCatchUpKuan said...

i thought i was the only one who noticed the drop in quality at this place. thank god you noticed too haha the meat is not as nice and the garlic rice not aromatic liao :(