Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Nando's Peri Peri Chicken @ 1Utama

There was only 40 minutes left before the Batman-The dark knight movie begins. We were late because we were undecided what to eat. We wasted a bit of time entering TTDI without knowing there's a 'pasar malam/night market' on Sundays and we thought we shall skip our usual visit to iZZi Italian bistro because it has always been our choice when it comes to movie date night. With an unwilling heart and for the sake of having a quick meal, I suggested Nando's. I boycott them many years ago because their flamed grilled chicken used to be dry and the portion was rather small.

We made our orders and we started to get a little worried when our orders - including the drinks didn't arrive after 10 mins wait. So much for choosing a restaurant for a quick meal..

On the 12 minutes later, our drinks arrived. YES I timed their order cos I don't wanna be late for the movie. X-T had apple soda and my fresh orange juice which was rather refreshing! It was a pretty good start to a eatery I ban for more than 8 years.

20 minutes later, no food was served. So I was a little impatient and feeling as hot as the bottles of HOT PERI PERI on my table. X-T called on the waiters to check on our order and I would say, Nando's does deserve our second visit. The waiter was VERY polite, attentive and they came with our food soon after.

They did improved in their food quality and services. Their flamed grilled chicken was so juicy and tasty.

P/S: Nope, we wasn't late for the movie, we did not even miss the advertisements BEFORE the movie haha.. *duh* Kudos to the Nando's team...or else... *rolled sleeves*


Annie Q said...

hahah..tell u what, i never been to Nando's!!! Malunya..
Looking at the chicken, look tasty, maybe will give it a try next time.

L'abeille said...


No need to malu malu, go try this weekend la ;)

twosuperheroes said...

hwah...auntie L'abeille, we've also banned nando's before this because of the serving and slow service. But nasib baik you've got a good experience this time around! :p

L'abeille said...

Hi twosuperheroes,

Oh no, you had the same experience too? Mmm.. Anyway, hope they maintain their standards this time.