Friday, August 31, 2007

Kampung Koh Seafood Finally!

Before we left the pink taxi at Pangkor Jetty, we asked for directions to Lumut's Famous Seafood village. We kept looking for Kampung Koh the night before but in actual fact, it's situated at Kampung Cina! doh!.. I need to admit that I've been to this place many times since young [I'm a Perak girl mar] but dad was the one driving and I'll be sleeping in the car until I reached my destination all the time..hehe

Now that I need to bring X-T here, I was kinda LOST! [hide face]

There are a couple of restaurants there but this time, I suggest X-T to try one I've never been before.

One must never miss ordering these refreshing coconut juice

Clockwise from left: Kum Heong Crabs, fried oysters and stir fried yau mak. Everything at MYR38! How's the taste? One word..."Wonderful"!

Do you know that we actually spend less than RM70 for all our meals during our two days stay in Lumut and Pulau Pangkor? *smiles with satisfaction*


Sweetpea said...

i miss the beach. so untouched, so quiet! unlike here, all the angmohs flock to the beach whenever the weather is good. so crowded...

i heard AMU or AMOO restaurant is good. but that was years ago :)

L'abeille said...

My family usually goes to Amu, this time, I thought I wanna try out some other restaurant ;)